IT Staffing

GISP Group offers Staffing of highly qualified FI Specialists within all areas of IT and it means that we are able to deliver your new FI Specialist wherever your business is located – all over the World. We have direct access to more than 50.000 FI Specialists and much more using our external global network.

How it all works…

As soon as a Client has been registered with a login ID and a password it’s possible to search in our database for highly qualified FI Specialists. When you find suitable FI Specialists for a Vacancy you can add them to your favoritelist.

Clients then have the unique possibility to communicate directly with the FI Specialist within the web system, and to ask a few important questions. The FI Specialist will reply instantly and the process will be quick and smooth. When you have found the right FI Specialist we can set up an interview face to face or by telephone and/or video conferencing if necessary. If you would like to engage the FI Specialist, we will take care of all administrative tasks involved.

Time is money – so we work fast

We work hard and fast to find your new FI Specialist. Using our web-based system, our large database with highly qualified FI Specialist and global IT Recruiter network we will soon have your new FI Specialist on board.

Balance Your Resources

Do you have the overview of your employees skills?

If not, then Blankschon has the solution for you. Our SaaS solution "Balance Your Resources" gives you a detailed overview of your global resources, skills, availability and much more. Contact Henrik B. Nielsen for a presentation -


GISP Group offers staffing of highly qualified IT specialists and it means that we are capable of delivering your next IT specialist no matter where or when.

We work with labour

We have access to many resources and more than 40.000 IT specialists. And we are able to deliver your new IT Specialist wherever your business is located. We take care of all administrative tasks involved. We have been establishing recruiter networks all over Europe and America and we have found recruiters that support our ideas and values. It enables us to locate IT Specialists to work all over the world.

Find your new IT Specialist

GISP Group are specialised in recruiting on a resource basis, offering engagement either on a short or long term resource contract. However, upon request it would also be possible to recruit an IT Specialist for permanent employment.

No cure no pay

We do not get paid in advance, but only at delivery. That’s the fair way of doing business together. Let’s meet It all starts with a non-committal talk. Let's meet or talk on the phone and review your needs

IT Specialist

If you’re a highly skilled FI Specialist  – then you have come to the right place.

What’s in it for YOU?

Your CV will be presented to many clients. You might get the possibility to work abroad. It’s very easy to update your CV. We work hard to find you a new interesting job.

We have a dedicated target: Keep FI simple

The presentation of a CV must be kept uniformed and as simple as possible. In that way it’s easier for the client to overview and compare all qualified associates, and it’s easier for you to update your CV.

The way we do it…

We believe that the optimal communication between a client and a FI Specialist should be directly between the two parties. It’s rarely common practise. But it’s the way we do it.

Send your CV and we add your CV and send login ID for your accept and confirmation. Starting up is as simple as the rest of the process.

IT Recruiter

What do you do with your job applications? And what about the unsolicited ones?

We can take care of all your CVs and you hardly need to lift a finger.

Take care of your CVs

If your company recruits labour on resource contract we can help you – and we can help with storing of ALL relevant CVs.

Don’t work harder – work smarter

If you send a refusal to an IT Specialist, you have the possibility to help the IT Specialist and help yourself. You just let the IT Specialist know about GISP Group and invite to add the CV to our database. The IT Specialist gets a chance to work all over the world and you have the CV in your own database.

Contact us, and we will inform you about the details and the many advantages.

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